13 de out de 2009

Dados pessoais do justin- actualizados

Name: Justin Drew Bieber
Age: 15
Birthday: 1 Mar. 1994
Birth Place: Canada-Ontario
Instruments: drums , piano, guitar
Sports: basketball, soccer, skateboarding, hockey
Signed to: Island Def Jam and Usher

Justin’s favourites

Food: spaghetti, cherry cheese cake
Drink: vitamin water
Number: 6
Type of girl: girls with a nice smile, nice eyes and a great personality
Movie: Rocky
Artists: Michael Jackson, Usher, Stevie Wonder
Television series: Smallville
Subjects: algebra and English
Basketball team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Hockey team: Maple Leafs
Videogame: Mario Kart
Colour: baby blue
Cereal: Captain Crunch
Holiday: Christmas
Websites: Twitter and Facebook
Vacation spot: the Bahamas
YouTube video: “Scarlet takes a tumble”